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Support Restaurants with

your Neighborhood. 

Sign up to support local restaurants and food trucks with your neighbors for free.

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Participating Local Restaurants

Restaurant Drop-Off's

Support a local restaurant with your neighbors. Order together and get dinner dropped off at the same time!

No tips, no markups or fees, just great food!


Food Trucks

Support a local food truck with your neighbors by bringing them to your neighborhood. 

No reservation fees required.

How does this work?

  1. Sign up below

  2. Pick one or two dates every month that you think would work well for a restaurant drop-off/ food truck in your neighborhood.

  3. Pikup will automatically check availability and give you one or two restaurants that work for those days.

  4. We'll send a small digital flier to share with your neighbors ahead of the event.

  5. That's it!

Support Local Restaurants

Delivery services hurt restaurants. By grouping orders together Pikup saves you and the restaurant money by keeping more in their (and your) pocket!

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No Fees, Just Great Local Food.

Say goodbye to expensive delivery fees and markups. Pay what you would in store and get it together.


Let's Get Started


Bring a restaurant to your neighborhood and support your local favorites.

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