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Save 20% at Pizza Karma

Pizza Karma and Pikup have partnered to make it even easier to get what you need and save money while you shop.

🤔 What's Pikup?

Pikup is an app that connects people at the store with friends and neighbors nearby that need something.


It's the faster, cheaper, and friendlier way to get what you need!

PK PHone.png

How does it work? ⚙️

Next time you go to Pizza Karma share a Pikup with your friends, family, or neighbors using the app.

Each time you finish a Pikup, you and your neighbors will receive a 20% off your purchase.

🎁 What's in it for me?

Each time you share a Pikup to Pizza Karma and help a neighbor you both get 20% off your purchase

Let's Get Started 🎉

Download or open Pikup to join your friends and neighbors saving at your neighborhood Pizza Karma.


Pikup in the News 📰


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