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Launch your Property on Pikup 🎉


Pikup connects tenants going to local stores with neighbors in your property that might need something.


It's free for properties to use Pikup and can be a great amenity and community builder for your residents.

We'll walk you through the three easy steps to get your property on Pikup.

1. Download Pikup 📲

2. Verify your Property on Pikup ✅

3. Invite tenants to join your property on Pikup 💌

Happy Pikupping!

- Team Pikup 


Download the app 📲


Verify your Property ✅

Pikup will create a verified group for your property on Pikup.


Once verified, Pikup will automatically add you into the verified group and send you a link that you can share with your tenants.


Invite Tenants to join your property on Pikup 💌

Once you receive the link to your Property on Pikup, all you need to do is share it!


We've put together some helpful resources for you that you can use to share Pikup with your tenants.

🙋‍♀️The Pikup Properties | Launch Kit, has ideas, shareable text and materials you can use with your tenants!

That's It! 🎉

Your tenants can now use Pikup to help one another when they go to local stores and meet new neighbors in the process!

More Info 🤔

Looking for more info or need something to share with your manager for approval? View the Pikup for Properties one-pager below.

Contact Us 📞

Questions, Comments or Have an Idea to make Pikup even better?



Text: 612.405.8945

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