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Hi Neighbor! Meet Pikup 👋

Pikup connects neighbors together that shop at the same local stores and restaurants.

Why use Pikup?

Pikup is built on good neighbors helping each other. We don't charge fees when you use Pikup with your neighbors.

No Fees

Save money, get cash back and earn freebies at your favorite local stores when you use Pikup together.

Get Rewarded


Ditch Delivery

Traditional delivery services charge you enormous fees and can hurt local restaurants by taking 20 to 35% of a sale.

Support Local Business

Shop and eay local with your neighbors and save time and money together when you use Pikup.


Launch Pikup in your  Neighborhood.

Save Together.

When you use Pikup to grab things with your friends and neighbors, you can get awesome savings and freebies from your favorite local stores for helping one another.

parlour food truck.jpeg

Restaurant Drop-offs.

Bring a restaurant to your neighborhood. Pre-order your dinner and have it delivered to your door. 

A great and easy way to support local restaurants.

Pizza Karma Partner photo@2x.png

Food Truck Events.

Pikup has partnered with food trucks in the Twin Cities to help grow our neighborhoods.

Registered neighborhoods on Pikup get access to ​food truck visits, completely free of charge. 

Pizza Karma Partner photo@2x.png
Bring Pikup to Your Neighborhood!
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