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Spring Meadows

Welcome to your neighborhood on Pikup. 👋

in your neighborhood.

26 neighbors use Pikup

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Last Week...

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7 neighbors shared a Pikup

to local stores and restaurants.
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by neighbors sharing Pikups.

3.5 hours were saved

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by neighbors ditching delivery.

70 dollars were saved

Your Neighborhood Directory

Meet your verified neighbors on Pikup! ✅

Angelina Messner
16405 54th Ave N
Diane Heller
16215 54th Ave N
Natalia Cofone
5038 Archer Ln N
Kari Rlias
16125 55th Ave N
Tami Karban
5460 Archer Ln N
Trinity Emineth
16080 54th Ave N
Monica Wong
16035 54th Ave N
Ravi Pandey
5290 Black Oaks Ln N
Sada Kshirsagar
16010 53rd Pl N
Julie Kirchner
16095 54th Ave N
Pooja N
16070 55th Ave N
Jenny Empson
16060 55th Ave N
Josh Max
5535 Xene Lane North
Gan Chen
5360 Weston Ln N
Jess Keller
16115 55th Ave N
Chris Post
16330 54th Ave N
Liang Ding
16015 55th Ave N
Maryanne Reilly-Spong
16305 54th Ave N
Kyle Meade
5420 Comstock Ln N
Nichole Chang
16075 55th Ave N
Chris Chang
16075 55th Ave N
Josh Chang
16075 55th Ave N

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Recent nearby Pikups

See the stores and restaurants your

neighbors are coordinating Pikups to.

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Neighbors organized a trip to Costco and saved $10 together

Artboard – 2.png

3 Neighbors organized a trip to Menards and saved 1.5hrs.

Artboard – 2.png

Neighbors organized a trip to Target and saved $10 together

Hi Neighbor! Pikup is an app I've been using that helps neighbors coordinate errands and trips to local stores for free!
It's basically "hey I'm going out to the store, does anyone need anything?" in an app.
Join our neighborhood by downloading the app here:

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