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in your neighborhood.

33 neighbors use Pikup

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Last Week...

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15 neighbors shared a Pikup

to local stores and restaurants.
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by neighbors sharing Pikups.

7.5 hours were saved

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by neighbors ditching delivery.

150 dollars were saved

Your Neighborhood Directory

Meet your verified neighbors on Pikup! ✅

Abigail Roberts
6274 Zircon Ln N
Andrea Dell
18901 62nd Ave N
Megan Carr
17600 62nd Ct N
Meghan Johnson
6346 Troy Ln N
Shelby Sommer
6267 Queensland Ln N
Natalie Larson
18150 62nd Pl N
Stacie Dudy
6264 Peony Ln N
Lauren Byrd
6261 Peony Ln N
Katie Gallant
6228 Urbandale Ln N
Grace Jacobson
18310 64th Ave N
Gurinder Chahal
18878 68th Ave N
Amit Gupta
6347 Alvarado Ln N
Shashank Pande
6461 Larkspur Ct
Bhagya Kshirsagar
6830 Narcissus Ln N
Anu Nata
17950 62nd Ave N
Nehal Sheth
5477 Zircon Ln N
Paul Lang
18161 68th Ave N
Anne White
18442 66th Pl N
Peng Li
18832 65th Pl N
Leandro Guimaraes
6337 Zircon Ln N
Christian Wolfe
6259 Merrimac Ln N
Swapna Gelvi
6422 Larkspur Ct
Mei Zhang
6275 Urbandale Ln N
Deb Jensen
6643 Zircon Ln N
Stephanie Pierce
17669 62nd Ct N
Katie McCormick
6256 Merrimac Ln N
Uday Krishna
6240 Urbandale Ln N
Lavanya Poduri
6240 Urbandale Ln N
Anshu Suri
17687 62nd Pl N
Penny Lyon
18027 62nd Ave N
Lisa Lovelace
6495 Alvarado Ln N
Kruti Joshi
6304 Alvarado Ln N
Joni Kilzer
6679 Merrimac Ln N
Gargi D
18773 63rd Ave N
Nita Kumar
17953 62nd Ave N
Wendy Rosenthal
18357 66th Pl N
Lynn Daniels
6282 Urbandale Ln N
Dipti Nagapurkar
18703 62nd Pl N
Jessie Li
6433 Shadyview Ln N
Mara Kaplan
6268 Merrimac Ln N
Aaron Herbst
18945 62nd Ave N
Padmaja Pulgam
6323 Zircon Ln N
Naga Marella
5020 Jewel Ln N
Venkat Pulgam
6323 Zircon Ln N
Bharat Pulgam
6323 Zircon Ln N

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Recent nearby Pikups

See the stores and restaurants your

neighbors are coordinating Pikups to.

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Neighbors organized a trip to Costco and saved $10 together

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3 Neighbors organized a trip to Menards and saved 1.5hrs.

Artboard – 2.png

Neighbors organized a trip to Target and saved $10 together

Hi Neighbor! Pikup is an app I've been using that helps neighbors coordinate errands and trips to local stores for free!
It's basically "hey I'm going out to the store, does anyone need anything?" in an app.
Join our neighborhood by downloading the app here:

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