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Neighborhoods on Pikup 🎉

Coordinate Errands 🛒

Start coordinating errands with neighbors to save trips to the store!  

Help a Neighbor ❤️

Get notified when you can help others in your community. Share a trip or join someone else's. 

Earn Perks 🎁

Receive exclusive perks from local businesses for being a better neighbor!

And the best part...

Pikup is 100% Free to Use

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.51.38 PM.png

Launch your Neighborhood

Easily grow your pikup group in 3 super simple steps.

Step 1


Make a new neighborhood group in the Pikup app.

Step 2


Send a personal invitation to your neighbors so they can join your new group. 

Step 3


Before your next trip, share a pikup with your neighborhood group.

Pikup Launch Kit

Done-for-you content that's easy to share with friends and neighbors.
Social Media Posts
Email Template
Shareable Text
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