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How Pikup Works

How Pikup Works

Pikup is the milkman, but for your favorite stores. We believe that in five years, merchants will stop relying on third-party delivery services, opting in to do it themselves. Pikup connects merchants directly with local neighborhoods for weekly neighborhood deliveries. We enable group buying and delivery, social savings, and provide the platform for merchants to collect, route, and deliver group orders.

Pikup drives profitable, incremental, and dependable revenue to merchants by aggregating demand every week within our neighborhoods. We are building a better way for communities across the country to get what they need, directly from the merchants they love, every week.

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Pikup is one of the first and fastest-growing social delivery platforms in the United States. We’re backed by Techstars, Target, Starting Line, Unusual Ventures, and early employees and founders from Nextdoor and Instacart. We are growing 4x YoY with plans to expand to dozens of markets within the next 12 months. Our team of 25 is spread across offices in Minneapolis, MN, and New Dehli, India.

Delivery for the Rest of Us

Pikup is looking to reinvent grocery delivery in a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly way for everyone. We create consistent and reliable weekly neighborhood delivery schedules, giving you access to a multitude of stores every week. You can order anytime between Sunday and the delivery date. There are no markups on items and delivery is just $1.45. You and your neighbors' groceries will be delivered to your neighborhood on the same day and within the same time frame.

Pikup vs. Other delivery services comparison

Quality > Speed

Getting people weekly groceries shouldn’t be a luxury service, in many parts of the world it isn’t. Pikup is building a delivery experience for the 99% of the world, not the 1%. 

Let’s use an example grocery order. On other grocery delivery apps, a $42 grocery order yields around $60 before tip.

At first glance, it may sound ludicrous to pay 30% of the cost of the groceries in fees, but if you think about it, perhaps it makes sense. You are, after all, indulging in the luxury service of having groceries delivered straight to your door.

With $6.00 in taxes + fees and $12.00 in product markups (we haven’t included tip yet!), that sounds like enough for grabbing the groceries, paying the driver, and leaving enough for the delivery platform to make a profit, right?

Not really.

Mock receipt from other delivery services

Let's Break it down...

Here is a possible breakdown of how this $60 is distributed. The party currently responsible for subsidizing food delivery is the grocery store, so that is where we begin our comparison.

NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, we are not including tip amounts

Pikup vs. other delivery services comparison bar graph
Pikup vs. other delivery service comparison bar chart

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