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How to share a Pikup.

Why should I coordinate a Pikup?

  1. Get deals and discounts at local stores and restaurants when you help a neighbor.

  2. Pikup handles payment and reimbursement and makes it really easy.

  3. Be a good neighbor! You help on your trip someone helps you.

How to make a Pikup.

​Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open Pikup

  2. Click the green arrow next to "I'm going out, notify friends"

  3. Let us know where you are going.

  4. Pick the time you are going, and group you want to notify.

    1. Select Pikup boost if you are willing to help anyone in your neighborhood.

    2. Select Private if you want to only share your Pikup with people you invite.

  5. Share your Pikup link

  6. Wait for your neighbors and friends to join! 

  7. Pikup will reimburse you automatically once you've dropped off what your neighbors requested..

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