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React Native Engineer

Junior Full-Stack Engineer

​We are looking for a junior full-stack engineer to join the Runerra engineering team. In this role, you will contribute to our continued growth and product development. 

We are looking for people with:
  • Experience building applications with React or React Native

  • Proficiency with JavaScript and NodeJS

  • Experience integrating third-party APIs into an application

We would be delighted to hire someone with:
  • Experience architecting API services

  • Experience building apps that leverage geospatial data

  • Proficiency with TypeScript and GraphQL

  • Familiarity with native build tools, especially Gradle and Android Studio

  • Experience using native APIs for deeper integrations on iOS and Android

  • Experience with managing and deploying apps using Docker on AWS

  • Ability to work with a product manager to architect new features

About the Product and Engineering Team:

​We use an agile approach to software development, where all opinions are valued and welcomed. Our team is currently two engineers who enjoy working together and building the future of hyper-local last mile logistics. We are in growth mode, so engineering works closely with the founders to execute the company’s vision. We collaborate with marketing and product to respond to marketplace feedback and we strive to solve problems for our users using a data-driven approach. We are consistently refining our processes and our product vision, and your input is encouraged in those sessions.

About Runerra

Runerra allows you to see all your neighbors who are currently out running errands and have them bring back the things you need. Simply put, Runerra is “Hey, I’m going out, who needs something?” in an app.


On Runerra, people start a favor by making themselves available to pick up for their neighbors. By letting their communities know where they’re headed, others nearby can then see who’s out and ask them to bring back what they need through the app.

Our goal is to change the way the world shops, one favor at a time.

Interested in this position? Please send us your resume and cover letter by pressing the button below.
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