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Let's Get Started 🎉


You and your neighbors can use Pikup to coordinate with those that are already at the store or help out when you are.

We'll walk you through the five easy steps to get to your first Pikup.

  1. Download the app 📱

  2. Connect your Debit Card 💵

  3. Make your First Pikup! 🛍

  4. How to Join a Pikup 🤝


Download the app 📲


🙋‍♂️use when asked for the business website during signup


Connect your Debit Card 💵

Connecting your card helps Pikup reimburse you when you complete a pikup. Pikup uses Stripe to handle your payment data to keep things extra safe and secure.  

You can cash out all reimbursements to your bank account at any time.

Local merchants and other partners also offer extra rewards for neighbors that help one another . You'll see those rewards through your account in-app. 


Make your First Pikup 🛍

Pikup will help you notify friends and neighbors, handle reimbursements in-app and keep your neighbors and you in touch every step of the way.

You can choose to make a pikup hours in advance, or while you are at the store. Using Pikup is 100% free for you and the person you are helping!


Joining a Pikup 🤝

Joining a Pikup allows you to get what you need without paying for expensive delivery or having to go yourself.


The app handles all the payment upfront and you control whom you want to Pikup what you need. ​

You can also use Pikup Poke to request a Pikup to a certain store or for a specific item. Poke's are bundled and sent to nearby neighbors every morning and afternoon.


Create a Group 🏘

Groups on Pikup allow you to automatically notify friends, coworkers, and neighbors when you are at a local store or when you need something.

You can use Pikup with or without a group thanks to magic links that allow you to handle payment and notify others via email, chat, or Facebook group.

That's It! 🎉

You are now one of 1000's helping to build your local neighborhood, workplace, school, and community ​into a better, friendlier place. 

Other Things to Know


Get Rewarded for Being a Good Neighbor 🌟

Local and National Merchants like Target, Chipotle and Caribou Coffee work with Pikup to help reward you when you do a Pikup to their stores. 


Request a Pikup 👉

Pikup Poke allows you to notify nearby friends and neighbors when you need something.

We batch Pokes together with other neighbors and notify the next person that is available to make a Pikup.


Built at Campus, Made for the World 🌎

Pikup was started by students at the University of Minnesota. Tired of using expensive delivery services and going out we knew there was a better way. 


What began as an app for college students in 2018 and now serves multiple schools and 1000's across the midwest.

Contact Us 📞

Questions, Comments or Have an Idea to make Pikup even better?



Text: 612.405.8945

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