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How to connect your Debit Card on Pikup 

Why do I need to connect my debit card?

  1. Automatically get reimbursed in-app for items you Pikup for neighbors.

  2. Cash-out quickly to your bank account at any time.

  3. Receive cashback rewards from local partners you support on Pikup.

Pikup works with Stripe to connect your debit card. Pikup does not store and cannot track any financial information. Stripe is trusted by Uber, Airbnb and Target

How to connect your debit card.

​Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open Pikup

  2. Select "Payment" in the Menu Bar.

  3. Select "Individual" when asked for the entity type.

  4. Provide your contact information

  5. Enter the phone verification code

  6. Submit your details

  7. When asked for business website use ""

  8. Link your debit card (or bank).

  9. Make a Pikup!

To protect your information, we did not modify Stripe's recommended interface for accepting financial data. While we are working to quickly make this process easier, please don't hesitate to contact our team if you have questions.
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